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04 February 2011 @ 08:43 pm
Rants and Raves  

Misery, thy name is Sinus Infection.  I was just sick two weeks, carried a frog in my throat for the next two weeks, and now I'm sick again.  How am I supposed to study?? 

I'm working friday and saturday this week.  Need I say anymore?

I love my roommate to death but sometimes she is very irresponsible.  That's means a lot coming out of me when it comes to responsibilities around the house.  My mom was getting sick of our  kitchen being dirty so she put up a sign that said "clean the counter tops, put cardboard boxes in the recycling bin...our kitchen is getting out of control.  I agreed, so I washed the dishes and such.  Well today, my roommate put empty pizza boxes on top of the trashcan with additional trash on top of it.  How am I supposed to throw trash away.  The thing is, my mom isn't going to complain to her about it.  She's going to complain to me about it.  

Also, I came home to her giving the dog a bath in the bathtub....I would've appreciated if she asked my permission first because it grosses me out.  I know what dogs do and I know how often she picks up her poop from the backyard.  Not only did she do this, she preceded to dry the dog in the living room.  So now my living room smells like wet dog.  I can't smell it anymore because of my sinuses but sinus infection wasn't that bad until came home.  So you gotta wonder if I'm allergic to the shampoo or something.  I don't understand why she didn't dry her in the tub.  So if my house smells like wet dog, you'll know why.


The "break-up diet" is the best diet ever!  I lost probably 5 pounds and now I'm two pounds away from weighing the lowest I've ever weighed in my adult years.  That's something to celebrate, who's up for ice cream?  In all seriousness though, I didn't starve myself to lose weight or anything.  I've been working out and trying to stay in tune with my body.  I'm realizing that my body tends to handle protein well but carbs and dairy products not so well.  So I've been having eggs or a protein shake in the morning and that tends to curb my appetite well.  I'll still eat meals but I won't eat as much.  I think working out is all about figuring out what your individual body wants or doesn't want.  I know that some people's bodies respond better to carbs.  I guess one could argue that I'm losing weight because the antidepressants are making me not depressed so now I don't eat for comfort.  One could also argue that the lack of eating is a hidden depression or covert depression.  Either way, I'm 5 pounds lighter and I like it.  

So R. texted me .  We have plans to study together in the library on Sunday.  It would've been tomorrow if I didn't have to work.  I'm kind of glad we're not meeting tomorrow because then he doesn't have to see my "I'm sick" face.  I'm sure most have you have seen it at one point..  I look like I'm dying.  My face turns a pale pasty yellow but my rossatia kicks in on certain areas of my face.  I look like that animal in Dr. Seuss's Put Me in the Zoo book, except all my spots are red.  Thankfully, I might look back to normal by sunday.  I'm excited an nervous at the same time because he don't know anything about each other.  I kind of feel like I have to study to study with him on Sunday so I don't seem dumb.

Anyways, I had more to say but this computer light is REALLY hurting my eyes!
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