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06 February 2011 @ 08:34 pm
It was the flu!!!!  
 Sneaky little bugger!  Here I thought my allergies are acting up and the next thing you know my body goes berzerk.  Right after I signed off from live journal, I started practically hallucinating and then I got the chills.  I'm not even going to describe to you what the next day was like.  Not to mention, I didn't sleep half the night last night.  But everything happens for a reason.  If I weren't sick and had to go to work, I might not have finished my professional simulation in time.  Anyways, I'm still sick.  I didn't get to meet with R. today because I felt like crap but we still sent some e-mails back and forth.  

Well, on a more positive note, flus are a wonderful way to lose weight!  *forced smile*
Current Mood: soresore
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