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01 February 2011 @ 10:39 pm
Accidental Awesomeness, Hero Searching, Jar of Hearts (No accounting hw included)  
Accidental Awesomeness

So today was an accidentally social day.  After accounting I went to the CBA lab  to study for accounting.  A little while later this really cute guy from BBSA asked if he could see the solutions that the professor put up on beachboard.  We were talking and I was being my nervous stressful self.  I swear, I have no idea how to tear down the wall that I put up when I first meet people.  Anyways, he offered to study with me sometime and we traded phone numbers.  I like to aim low when it comes to these things so I'm just going to assume that we're just it's just a friendship in the making.  However, I have to say, handsome, smart, nice, accounting major, biracial dude?  I could deal with that.  Now I only have to find out if he's a Christian. : )

After my film class, I ran into Lotus and reminisced about the VA.  Then I ran into Kristell and Jonathan from Circle K and we chatted about how he had mistaken a medicine to cure his flu with laxatives earlier in the week and wondered why he was feeling worse.  Then I met up with Josh 2.0 from my management class to interview each other for the project my teacher assigned.  He was a pretty cool cat.  Anybody who is into movies as much as I am is going by me.  Then I ran into a couple of girls from the art class that I was in and talked about our professor's crazy shinanigans.  If you look at the picture on my facebook with me having a pillow fight in the fountain, that was his idea.  Then I met up to have dinner with Alissa from Christians on Campus and we chatted about food and teaching and such.  Then I had management and talked to Josh 2.0 again.  In the meantime, very little studying for accounting was done.  It doesn't matter, I going to do my minimum 2 hours a day study requirement as soon as I finish writing.  I should be done studying at about 12:30am to 1:00am.  I'm definitely not getting eight hours of sleep tonight.  It was a fun day though, exhausting, but fun.

And then a Hero Comes Along

As I mentioned earlier, I'm still trying to find a female role model to strive to be so I can at least have some aim of how I'm going to help society in my lifetime.  Nearly every woman I've looked out so far was either born rich, or married someone rich.  The only others that I found, such as Joan of Arc, Rosie Parks, etc., had to truly suffer to make an impact.  Well I certainly wasn't born rich and to marry rich seems unlikely, maybe I have to strive to suffer for the sake of righteousness?  For the meantime, I'm going to continue researching.  Let me know if you have any ideas.  Btw, don't get me wrong, I'm not aspiring for fame.  I just want to be able to do something that I can say that I'm proud of because I think that this will bring satisfaction to my life, not so much money.  

Jar of Hearts

For the rest of my entry i will include a song that I am going to play to myself every day until I get over this Josh nonsense.  Also, for now on, I'm going to cut my writings about Josh because I don't want to be THAT GIRL who won't shut up about her ex-boyfriend that she's having trouble getting over.  I have to write about it though because it helps.  It takes the thoughts out of my brain and into my journal.

Since apparently I can't copy and paste onto live journal, here's the link to the lyrics.  www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/c/christina_perri/#share

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